House Ceviche  13

Cooked and Cured Shrimp and Scallops tossed with Red Onions, Tomatoes, Cilantro, fresh garlic, and a hint of syracha served with blue corn chips and fresh avocado.                                                                                                     

Spanish Octopus    14

Confit octopus over sautéed kale and Colombian chorizo ragu, drizzled with spiced honey glaze.



Baked  Brie en Croute   13

Over Apricot Chutney stuffed with Almonds and Dried Fruit, Served with Crackers and diced strawberries.                                                                     


Mejillones al Ajillo  11

Chablis sautéed black mussels fresh garlic cilantro, bacon crumbles, & sweet drop peppers.                                                                                Pair with


Portabella Carpaccio 9

Thin sliced Grilled portabella mushroom with Peruvian sweet drop peppers, Kalamata olive aioli, and shaved parmesan, drizzled with pesto.


Seared Ostrich    16

Perfectly seasoned Seared four ounce Ostrich steak with candied wild mushrooms, crispy onions drizzled with fig glaze *only serve seared.